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Welcome, and thanks for visiting my website. Spectrum of Colours has evolved over eight years, with of course, life happening in between the persistent pauses! So, I'm glad to say that my book has finally been unleashed! Scroll down to find out more about Spectrum of Colours...

Synopsis - Spectrum of Colours
Fiction/Contemporary Fiction

At twenty-something, Sophia spends six weeks in a psychiatric hospital. Spectrum of Colours follows her story as to how she ended up there.

Despite her dreams of a life onstage, Sophia’s lifelong struggles are caused by a complexity of issues involving identity, conformity and difficulties forming friendships. But ultimately, it’s Sophia’s struggle to overcome a traumatic childhood event which took place on a South London council estate where she grew up in 1980s - the disappearance of her best friend Lauren - which is the catalyst to her declination.

Who or what can help her overcome the torment of loss and self-blame?

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